I like to edit music and stuff.

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Wild Heart - Empty Arena | The Vamps

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Thank you to the lovely person who made that tutorial post and to the other lovely person carrie—maries for sending me this link via fanmail. You’re the best <3

Hey 5SOS fam that doesn’t live in America..


If I did a livestream of the Jimmy Kimmel live show would any of you watch it???



Happy Little Pill - Empty Arena | Torye Sivan

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Anonymous said: Please do happy little pill by Troye Sivan slowed down or with rain or something? Whatever you think sounds good :) x

I’m so proud of Troye!! Ah! I’ll try and mess around with something, see what sounds best? :) 

aihb799 said: Can you possibly do a layered version of the song Classic by MKTO please? Btw I love your posts so much it sounds crazy but they've made a huge impact in my life and I always turn to them when I feel alone. I hope your dog gets better as well! Thanks!<3

I’ve done this one! Here’s the link :)

Also, it really means a lot to me that my edits can help make someones day a little better. It’s crazy to me that I can help by doing something so simple. It really makes me feel so happy. I really do care about all of my followers, it sounds weird, even though I may not know all of you personally, but I do care. <3 

obsessingmuch said: Hi! I sent you an ask about this a bit ago but maybe you get so many asks it got lost! Your layered edit of Ed Sheeran's Don't cuts out before the end of the song. Would it be possible for you to reupload a full version of it? I love it and would like to put it on my iPod but cos it's incomplete it's a bit annoying. Thanks if you can! :D

Oh really?? I had no idea it cut off.. I reuploaded it just now so it should be fixed!! Sorry about that :)

Anonymous said: Can't you ask your parents for money as well? X

Eh, I don’t speak to my father and my mother struggles with money, but I have been taking up extra shifts at work and saving a good portion of my paycheck for her, I think it’s worth it, you know? I’m almost there. I just hope she stays strong!! <3 She’s been such a trooper this whole time. 

Anonymous said: break free by ariana grande empty arena please please please ily


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