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Can you post your videos and pictures from the 5sos concert?! I've been dying to see them

Yeah they’re all on my personal blog! (kristin5sos)

1st set of pictures
2nd set of pictures
YouTube video links
My story
Meeting 5SOS 
Luke and I’s cute pictures that I’ll never get over

There I think that’s everything! Oh and I just posted a story on how my coworker accidentally shipped Luke and I and I died inside  
Also let’s take a moment to notice the height difference between all of us I’m 5’6” let that just sink in 

I officially ship you and Luke. ❤️❤️



YES I AM I LOVE DALLAS 5sos seemed to love it too they couldn’t stop talking about the Mexican food (Tex-Mex as we call it) (we really do have the best I’ve been all over the country and nothing compares) and they kept saying how nice we were oh my god I cry about it still 


I literally haven’t eaten or slept in over 42 hours I’m gonna have to tell y’all the story tomorrow and post more videos/pictures.. But I’m just gonna leaVE THIS HERE LOOK AT THE ADORABLE CUTIE MY LIFE IS MADE.
Also ps don’t judge I look like shit like I said I hadn’t slept

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People were asking for pictures so I’m gonna post them then tell the story when I get on my laptop!!

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There really There to be a pitched-music Pandora station

Oh my god you’re literally the sweetest thank you

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Could you post "The Only Reason - Slowed Down (slightly lower pitch) (requested)" again, please? It says error everytime I try to open it and I'm dying here, I really need to here this!!

Thank you for letting me know, I fixed it!!! 

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Confident - Layered (requested)

Use headphones!

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Can you do confident by justin burner like slow it down or what ever you think would sound good :)

I’m laughing was that autocorrect this is amazing justin burner wow 

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The Only Reason - Slowed Down (slightly lower pitch) (requested)

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hi i freaking love you ok can you edit 5sos the only reason and slow it down? i think i would die ok ok ily stay fab

I started this edit to see how it would sound and I’m just overemotional okay since I slowed it down, it lowered the pitch a little and I’m just I’m not okay and aw ilysm 

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Flights - Empty Arena (requested)

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Can you do an edit of Flights by Jack and Jack (the viners) it's a super catchy song. I don't really care what you do with it! If it layers good that's cool if not just do empty arena:]

Oh yeah I think I follow their vines but I haven’t heard their song yet!

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Neon Lights - Lower pitch (requested)

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can you edit neon lights to make it sound like a guy is singing it?!

Sure :) 

guys I’m finally getting around to doing edits I know wow finally. It’s midnight here but whatever I’ve got my tea in hand and I’m gonna take a fewwww maybe til I hit audio limit idk 

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